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Dry Brushing Skin and Health Benefits

Dry brushing skin and health benefits. Detox and exfoliation technique. By Awake Organics
Dry brushing is an easy, quick and cost-effective method for helping you release toxic body build-up, boost your health and make your skin glow!

Your skin is your largest organ. Environmental pollutants, an unhealthy diet, and using cosmetic and household products containing harsh chemicals all contribute to something called your “Toxic Body Burden.” This burden is the difference between the amount of toxic chemicals you absorb day-to-day, and the amount you excrete through various systems in your body.


Dry brushing is an exfoliation and massaging technique, using a stiff-bristled dry brush on dry skin. For best results, we recommend dry brushing on dry skin for around five minutes before you jump in the shower to wash off the excess dead skin cells you’ve been sloughing off. Dry Brushing is ideal to incorporate into your morning, as it stimulates your nervous system and provides a refreshing feel-good rush of energy.


Dry brushing helps to naturally detoxify your body by increasing blood circulation, and stimulating your lymphatic system. The massaging technique encourages lymphatic flow, stimulates your immune system and strengthens your ability to fight off illness. And since you are exfoliating your entire body, a regular dry brushing routine will keep your skin smooth and velvety soft. Manual exfoliation physically removes dry, dead skin and encourages cell turnover. Dry brushing also helps prevent ingrown hairs by helping to reduce the chances of getting clogged pores on your bottom! Some say dry brushing may even reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

Start with gentle strokes from your feet and work your way up the legs, using long upward strokes. Moving up to your stomach, brush lightly in a clockwise circular motion to go with your digestive pattern. Next, brush from each hand and up your arm. The key is to apply light pressure and always brush towards your heart. This motion goes with your body’s lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system only travels in one direction: up toward your heart, so brushing alongside the lymph flow is most effective for circulation and the lymph system's execution. Always be gentle and don’t brush too hard. When finished, you want to see a rosy blush on your skin, not overly scratched and red-raw.

Remember to never brush your face or neck as as these areas are a lot more sensitive than the rest of your body. Don’t brush over open wounds, painful eczema and psoriasis either – ouch!

Daily Hair Body Tri-Serum Lifestyle Model Awake Organics
Hair & Body Tri-Serum (Argan Oil + Geranium)

Your post-brushing routine is just as important for hydration and radiance. Use our Daily Hair & Body Tri-Serum after stepping out of the shower. This nourishing formula replenishes lost moisture back into your exfoliated skin. It is crafted using argan oil, which protects your skin’s barrier and texture, as well as rose geranium (a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory oil). Adding a whole body moisturisation step into your routine will help your skin stay conditioned and healthy.

Hands & Feet | Hand and Foot Balm | Natural Body Care | Awake Organics
Hands & Feet Nourishing Butter Balm

Finish with our Hands & Feet Nourishing Butter Balm. It’s loaded with Ceramides, which are special fat molecules that are naturally present in healthy, plump skin cells. Ceramides are important for retaining your skin’s moisture barrier. Hands & Feet Nourishing Butter also contains organic fairtrade Shea Butter, which is renowned for its moisturising and protective properties and is great for dry skin. 

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